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Everi’s mission is to lead the gaming industry through the power of people, imagination and technology. Focused on player engagement and assisting our casino customers to operate more efficiently, the Company develops entertaining game content and gaming machines, gaming systems, and services for land-based and iGaming operators. The Company is also the preeminent provider of trusted financial technology solutions that power the casino floor while improving operational efficiencies and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements, including products and services that facilitate convenient and secure cash and cashless financial transactions, self-service player loyalty tools and applications, and regulatory and intelligence software.... Read more


Everi is committed to elevating the success of every employee, every customer, every day by expanding its innovative and creative reach, building a culture based on the tenets of collaboration, integrity, inclusion, excellence, and fun. We are proud to be the gaming industry’s single source provider of financial technology and loyalty solutions, games, and intelligence solutions.... Read more


Lead the gaming industry through the power of people, imagination, and technology.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Everi is a diverse collection of passionate and talented individuals committed to giving patrons and operators alike a premium experience on the casino floor. We are accountants and artists, engineers and visionaries. We dream, design, program, and build. We listen, help, and serve.

Our goal is to enable our team to HAVE FUN! We believe in Harnessing the power of collaboration, Acting with integrity, Valuing everyone, and Exceeding expectations.
Together, we are Everi.
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Harness the Power of Collaboration
We value the power of teamwork. Two minds are better than one. Opposed points of view stimulate thinking and creativity. Creativity leads to innovation.

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What employees are saying

The culture that has been created at Everi is one of inclusivity, collaboration, and support. Every person is willing to do any job to help the company. Also, if issues arise, no one is blamed, instead the focus is on fixing the issue and finding solutions to avoid the issue in the future.

My leadership supports me and my team. I feel appreciated not just for the work that we do, but as an individual. Everi has shown that they are a great company to work for and care about their employees.

I have an amazing team I get to work with daily, who have encouraged me & helped me grow in my career. I also have some amazing support from leadership!

Everi really takes care of all employees. The way the Executive team has handled the pandemic was Absolutely, Positively, Outstanding !

I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.

I get to do something I love and feel confident in doing it. I know my manager has my back and it makes me want to work harder.

My team is like a family, and my manager and VP are extremely supportive of all of us and our career goals

I feel like a valued member of a team that is headed in the right direction.

It fits me - I get to use my knowledge and natural personality in a way that benefits my team and the company as a whole.

I love the environment and the people I work with, especially my team and my management.

I feel like my ideas are taken into account. I am treated as a human being and not as a cog in a machine.

I get to professionally practice skills and learn to use tools that are relevant in the field I want to excel in. This is EXACTLY what I want to do.

I am given room to do my job and come up with creative ideas that others will consider.

I love my job because the employees and management at Everi want to impact the company positively.

I enjoy the challenges of growing the company and working with a great team.

I get to work with great people and always learn something new. I really enjoy the daily tasks and projects that come up.

I feel appreciated for what I do. I feel ok to be me at Everi, and not have to hide my true self. I love the people.

I'm supported and empowered by my manager(s), which enables me to be successful with new ideas, growth, and mentoring my team.

Because here I develop and make use of skills as well as I feel motivated by the challenges of the industry and the team's needs.

My job challenges me and I feel that my contribution has an impact. Also, I have a great boss, peers and team. The fact that we're able to effectively work together for a common goal and support each other to get the job done is amazing!

It gives me the opportunity to take ownership, work with a diverse set of people and really care about our team members and those customers we service.

I have a great leader who makes me feel that my abilities and opinions matter to him and the other executives.

My job is very challenging. I am constantly learning more about the industry, my role in the company, and how every team works together to create our products. I find it fascinating and engaging to work with so many highly skilled and competent people.

Everi really seems to care about work-life balance, and every other job I've ever had has focused on squeezing their employees like a sponge. My boss and team are great to work with.

I am encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance and don't have to worry about pushback when I need to take time off to take care of family concerns.

I feel part of a professional environment where we are the industry leader in what we do and everyone strives to do their very best. I work with a great team of people who are smart, loyal and respectful of each other. Working for a great Manager and peer group make work so much more enjoyable.

I have a boss who take the time to meet with me on a regular basis. I have the ability to work from home. The Executive Leadership conducts themselves ethically and honestly and the treat others with respect.

I love my job because it is very detail oriented and we are always adding new products; therefore it keeps me challenged. I also work with the BEST TEAM EVER!!

The ability to be yourself. Being able to do this position the way that works best for me.

I am supported, not only by my direct supervisor, but by his supervisor, and the supervisor above him! And not only by my leadership, but my team-mates will step in and help me right away. Such a professional, yet fun group of people to work with. I am encouraged to grow and learn. I am also given opportunities to do so!

Company Snapshots

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