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For our team, working in IT is more than a career choice. We all live the “tech-life” -- which means that we enthusiastically embrace how technology can enhance how we experience life. From efficiency to productivity to fun, we believe that technology can make our world a better place.

For our clients who love using it, too, but just “want it to work,” that’s where we shine. Our team doesn’t use “tech talk” with our clients but we are able to talk to them about their IT infrastructure and software in a non-technical way that helps them understand what needs to be done so that they can get back to their work as soon as possible.

We are passionate about technology that enhances our world. We are providing proactive client experiences and solving emergent IT problems while delivering peace of mind and
reliability. We live the “tech life” to improve the quality of life for us and those around us - our clients, our co-workers, our families.
Our vision is to leverage technology to enhance people's lives by providing reliable solutions that consistently work.
Our Mission is to reliably deliver outstanding
IT systems and support experiences to business
clients that help improve productivity, uptime,
and profitability.
Additional Culture Details
Curating and maintaining a great culture is a lot like gardening, you must invest in the right resources and care for it consistently. We are fortunate that our leadership team cares about and prioritizes having a great culture! They regularly invest in continuing education, our physical environment and fun activities to sustain a great culture. Essentially, our core values and purpose are to be lifestyle technologists who care deeply about the work we do and the community we do it in. That kind of heart is contagious and is the key to sustaining our growth and world class culture!
We care.
We offer our best to every client and co-worker
interaction. We are caregivers who thrive in a
supportive environment. Sharing in the fun and
unique culture is what makes 360IT a family.
We embrace efficiency.
We understand our client’s or co-worker’s sense of urgency as if it were our own. Our timely response and accurate resolution provides a sense of relief that we will solve their IT challenge.
Our TEAM is our “superhero power.”
Our team is comprised of highly-intelligent
individuals, and we are exponentially smarter
together. Our collective problem solving abilities, fueled by our desire to help our clients in a positive, effective, and professional environment is what makes us an unstoppable IT force.
We are ready to help.
Problem solving - for issues large or small - is the cornerstone of our work. We understand that IT challenges, either internal or external, are our team’s challenges to solve. We pledge to make each interaction positive with the goal of reducing the other person’s level of stress.
Questions are answered.
We value both the question and the answer. We have a thirst to know more and have an
appreciation for others who do, too. Any knowledge we can share - with our team or with our clients - deepens our connection with one another.
Virginia Beach, VA
48 US Employees
We provide the IT Department as a Service


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