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2nd.MD Overview

2nd.MD is a revolutionary online resource that connects consumers with the nation’s leading medical specialists for second opinions.

With more than 700 nationally recognized, board-certified medical specialists in 30 specialties and 240 sub-specialties available, clients are able to talk to a physician from the comfort of their own home via video conferencing or by phone.

We believe that we are a top workplace because of what we get to do and how we get to do it. Put simply, we meet people at their point of greatest need – when they are facing difficult and uncertain healthcare choices – and give them access to the best medical advice in the world so that they can make the best possible decisions for themselves. At our core, we believe that every human person deserves the best medical service possible, and we are building our company specifically to democratize access to healthcare – to bring the best advice to the greatest number of human lives in order to help the most lives possible. Nothing is more important to us than people’s lives.
Our purpose is to reshape health care, making the world a better place for doctors and clients across the world.

To save and improve lives, every day.
Connect everyone affected by pain or disease with the best healthcare resources the world has to offer.
To save and improve lives, every day.
Additional Culture Details
Five Aspects of Culture We Work to Build:
1 - Values are What We Do.
2 - High Performance People and Teams.
3 - Freedom & Responsibility.
4 - Context, Not Control.
5 - Promotions & Development.
Excellence: We give our best with each day we have been given … simply because we have another day to live.
Love: We exhibit a consistent pattern of actions that puts the needs of those we serve ahead of ourselves.
Courage: We do what we know to be morally correct even – and especially – when we are afraid; we are firm in the face of difficulty.
Integrity: We strive to keep our words and actions aligned to our moral principles.
Resourcefulness: We use our wits, our energy, and our skill to find ways to overcome difficulties.
Houston, TX
225 US Employees
Information Technology - Other


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