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Located in Hutchinson, MITGI manufactures and markets standard and custom micro cutting tools. Combining innovation with quality and repeatability, MITGI tools have become the product of choice in many R&D departments and manufacturing facilities that serve the medical, automotive, computer, and aerospace industries. Founded in 1993, MITGI has experienced steady growth and the addition of new employees each year. In the early years, roles and responsibilities for each employee changed and expanded to include new opportunities to match the growing needs of the company. Now in our 22nd year, MITGI works to maintain that same culture of innovation. Employees are encouraged to take on new tasks that are outside their area of expertise, but are of personal and professional interest. Support is provided to allow employees to participate in training and leadership programs, adjusting workloads so that they can take the time to grow as individuals and in their own career.

Hutchinson, MN
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MITGI: Adding coating to the surface of a carbide cutting tool can extend its life. In-house coating gives MITGI the ability to coat tools in batches of like sizes, ensuring that the coating is applied evenly and consistently every time an order is placed. MITGI Employee: Whitney, Coating Lead

MITGI: The ability to hold tight tolerances is essential when manufacturing micro tools. The smaller the tool, the more important it is that every detail is checked. It requires skilled operators, equipment kept in perfect condition, carefully dressed wheels, and meticulous setup. MITGI Employee: Troy, CNC Operator and Trainer

MITGI: At MITGI, quality isn't just the end goal; it's embedded throughout the entire manufacturing process. From securing tool print accuracy, through mid-job inspections, to pre-shipping approvals, we ensure that each tool meets our quality standards before it leaves our door. MITGI Employee: Sue, Quality Support Technician

MITGI: When manufacturers can't find the carbide cutting tool they need, we rely on the talented designers and operators at MITGI to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. MITGI Employee: Chad, Production Supervisor

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