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Precoa (the Preneed Company of America) is a national leader in preneed sales and marketing, committed to enriching life through meaningful connection. Precoa partners with leading funeral homes, providing the best resources in preneed with its fully-integrated ProActive Preneed® system to help families across America begin healing following the loss of a loved one. Founded in 2004 by Bret Davis and Mark Hornibrook, Precoa has been headquartered in Portland, Ore. since its inception and employs over 260 employees, plus a network of more than 600 independent preneed agents, nationwide.

Portland, OR
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Last December, every home office employee who has worked at Precoa for 10 years, no matter their position, received a “Trip of a lifetime.” Our yearly incentive trip is typically reserved for our sales force employees that make their goals. As we are maturing into a larger company and are beginning to have more long-term home office employees, everyone that reaches 10 years will receive that same invitation on the following year's incentive trip.

If you think this looks like a crazy game of charades, you're right! We meet as a company once a month and usually play a game, eat lunch all together, and go over company goals, progress and some words of encouragement from our executive management. Recently, we started live streaming this meeting to our satellite office. This is certainly a highlight of the month for many employees.

A month rarely goes by that we aren't throwing some kind of party, holiday get-together, race, walk, egg hunt or pancake breakfast. There's always something going on to engage our employees and get them out of their comfort zone. Our employees generally know one another much better then most midsize companies because of our emphasis in work-life festivities.

Meet our fearless leader. He's been known to set up a dominoes course through the halls of the office with UPS boxes, he'll jump off a cliff at a company retreat and like you see in this picture, he'll even take a pie to the face for National Pi Day (3.14). Bret Davis, Co-founder and CEO, seems to always be doing something non-work related to remind everyone that there's more to life than the 9-5.

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