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We are focused on one client, the long-term investor. All aspects of our business – from the location of our offices to the investments and services we offer – are aligned to help us better understand and meet our clients’ unique needs. We are committed to a long-term philosophy that emphasizes quality and diversification. We make every effort to avoid investments that are likely to confuse or disappoint clients. Relationships are key, and in our view, meeting face to face builds strong relationships. Our offices are single Financial Advisor offices that are welcoming, accessible and located in the communities where our clients live and work.

Financial Services & Insurance
St. Louis, MO
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Edward Jones financial advisors meet face-to-face with clients in neighborhood branches.

Financial advisors choose where to open a branch, and then hire a branch office administrator. The two-person team's job is to serve clients well.

Edward Jones branches – typically one financial advisor and one branch office administrator – are located in neighborhoods where clients and potential clients live and work.

Branch office administrators, specializing in client service, are key to each branch's success.