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LHP is a national leader in the development and management of multi-family housing properties for people with limited incomes. LHP has developed more than 11,000 apartment units in 85 properties in 12 states with the majority of those developments utilizing the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program as a source of investment capital. Today we manage 55 properties in eight states while continuing to seek new property acquisition opportunities. Our company has three divisions. LHP Capital provides capital, underwriting and asset management services to its operating companies, LHP Development and LHP Management. LHP Development is responsible for acquiring and rehabbing affordable housing properties, and LHP Management is charged with operating the properties in the company’s portfolio. The LHP team consists of more than 250 dedicated employees at the community, regional and corporate levels. Our team of creative leaders and dedicated employees work together to deliver unparalleled value and superior service to our business partners and the residents we serve. At LHP, our ultimate goal is to provide quality living environments our residents are happy to call home.

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Knoxville, TN
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Employees at LHP are committed to providing quality living environments residents are proud to call home.

The 1100 Studio Apartments is one of the more than 50 affordable housing properties LHP manages in the region.

LHP Capital hosts an annual leadership conference each year for all levels of management.