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About Milwaukee College Preparatory School

Milwaukee College Prep is a free, K-8 public charter school that every child in the City of Milwaukee is eligible to attend, whose mission is “knowledge plus character pave the road to college and beyond.” We absolutely believe that an uncompromising K-8 education is the difference between dreams realized and dreams denied. If a child can’t read, problem-solve, draw inferences, think critically, be self-disciplined and self-determined, that child will not realize his or her dreams…he or she won’t even come close. We also know that after a rigorous Milwaukee College Prep education in a loving environment, our scholars, not their demography, will determine their destiny. With test scores and graduation rates that rival even the most prosperous districts across the state, Milwaukee College Prep alums are doing just that in high performing high schools and colleges across the country.

Milwaukee, WI
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What employees say

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I get to impact the lives of many students while utilizing my strengths.

I am able to work with a variety of scholars.

I feel that my work is contributing to something meaningful and I feel appreciated for my efforts.

The fact that my opinion is accepted.

We are doing something meaningful for the community and the future of the scholars.

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