Health Payment Systems, Inc.

About Health Payment Systems, Inc.

Health Payment Systems (HPS) is a privately-held healthcare technology and services organization offering solutions to enhance the consumer healthcare billing and payments experience, while driving value to healthcare providers, health insurance companies and employers. Its patented solutions enable one statement, one payment and one place to call, making HPS the clear solution to healthcare confusion. HPS is led by CEO Jay Fulkerson, and to date has processed over $1 billion in claims. HPS is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Information Technology
Milwaukee, WI
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Our Team spent the summer raising money for a worthy cause!

What employees say

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Autonomy and teamwork is a huge part of what we do here.

Great people, leadership, and products.

They are flexible and take my opinions seriously.

I am excited about the potential growth of the company and helping others with our technology, as I believe in the HPS Solution.

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