Monarch Beverage Co Inc.

About Monarch Beverage Co Inc.

Each day Monarch Beverage Company successfully transports some 64,000 cases of beer and wine from our Indianapolis distribution center to more than 5,000 retail venues throughout Indiana. Guilding our actitivies along the way is a singular mission statement and a set of fifteen principles created by our employees. This corporate doctrine defines out everyday philosophy and serves as our unified pledge to our suppliers, our vendors, our retailers and our consumers.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Indianapolis, IN
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What employees say

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EF Transit has great benefits, has a solid family feel, and compensation is fair for the work performed.

Monarch makes their employees a top priority. The company cares about their employees' health and well-being.

The people I work with are among the best in the industry. I have a talented team around me. I am valued in my role and I value those who work with me.

I feel like my employer appreciates my hard work, and that hard work is recognized.

The work itself is enjoyable and I like going different places each day.

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