Haggard & Stocking Associates, Inc.

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We are an Industrial Tooling and Supply Distributor. We bring goods and services to industrial manufacturers. We supply items ranging from general tooling and abrasives to blueprint specials. We also supply Chemical, Safety, Material Handling and Fastner items.

Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Indianapolis, IN
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Corporate offices

L-R, Jeff Haggard, V.P. of Sales; Herb Haggard, Founder and CEO, Ronald Barnett, V.P. of Aerospace Div.

Admin building at Indiana Sunset

One of our many trucks in our fleet.

What employees say

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The people I work for are very concerned with my well being.

How dedicated they are to this company.

It is a family.

The owner of this company treats us like a friend and not just an employee.

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