About Reverie

At Reverie®, we come to work each day with the goal to improve our customers' quality of life and health through the power of sleep. Using engineering, sleep science and medical input, we’ve developed a line of bedding products that is truly groundbreaking. Our DreamCell™ mattress is a radical concept and the most customizable mattress on the market. Each mattress has over 200 natural latex foam cells in different firmness levels. The cells can be individually arranged to fit the customer’s exact body type and sleeping preferences along with any pain issues. If the customer’s needs change down the road, the firmness can be easily reconfigured by unzipping the mattress and rearranging the cells. We are also one of the world's largest manufacturer of adjustable power bases that allow an infinite number of positions for sleeping, reading, watching tv or surfing the web. Popular features include Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity positions as well as two modes of massage. Premium models are smartphone programmable, with a new Reverie app allows people to set an alarm to be raised or massaged awake. In addition, Reverie offers a line of high tech pillows, linens and accessories designed to provide customized comfort.

Bloomfield Hills, MI
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This is how Reverie does Halloween! The entire week of Halloween is full of team and individual contests and a party.

Team member Hassan Harajli on the hover board. Typical office fun includes hover boards, scooters, ping pong...

Michigan team members visiting our plant and putting a bed together.