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TS Banking Group strives to exemplify what a community bank of growth and strength looks like today. Treynor State Bank was chartered in 1923 and branded to TS Bank in 2005 - the start of TS Banking Group. With $430 million in assets, TS Bank is the largest state?chartered C?Corp trust department west of Des Moines. Core values implemented in the workplace are: enduring integrity; others oriented; positively contrarian; and “whole”istic prosperity. The distinction between TS Banking Group and other financial resources is not what we do it, but why we do it. Our focus on community prosperity has helped to attract and retain talented and committed employees. TS Banking Group is not focused on 'making the numbers,' for the quarter, but on making clients financially secure beyond their lifetime. TS Banking Group reinvests 10% of their net income back to the community, resulting in local business growth, jobs, fulfilling work for community members, and financial literacy education. We are more than a community bank; we are a community prosperity engine.

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