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Founded in 1969, by Jack Housby as a Mack Truck dealership in Des Moines, IA, our company has grown to serve client companies across America and around the world. Through the years, we have built strong partnerships with owners and managers and have responded directly to their needs by developing and delivering a host of unique, targeted products and services. Housby is a single source provider for all of our customers’ needs in: · Mack truck retail sales · Isuzu truck retail sales · Housby Mixer Systems · Housby Auctions · Housby 2G Second Generation™ Truck Refurbishment · Truck Lube Shop · Paint and Body Shop · Service Shop · New and Used Parts Shop · Transport & Logistics · Appraisals · Site Management Aside from our products and services, we realize our greatest asset remains our employees and their respect, integrity, and exceptional services towards you, the customer. With Housby, we value each and every patron and look forward to working you in the near future.

Des Moines, IA
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At Housby we believe in hard work, having fun, and creating careers, not jobs.

No matter how elusive perfection might be, we are dedicated to self-improvement – both as a company and as individuals.

Each employee plays an integral role in our success, and we are focused on enhancing their progress and well being.

Since founded in 1969, we have continuously delivered integrity, professionalism, and quality in everything we do.

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