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In the book about our founder E.P. Arnold, and the early history of Arnold Motor Supply, “You Build A Business With People,” by Eric Johnson, the author states, “…the story of E.P.Arnold and the business he built is a testament to doing things the right way. The traits he cultivated during his life are just as applicable today as they were nearly 90 years ago when he took a leap of faith and started his business with $500 and a dream….” The great American dream. Arnold Motor Supply was established in 1927 in Spencer, Iowa. We have grown to be the 14th largest auto parts chain in the United States. . We are a vertically integrated auto parts distributor that resides in a multi-channel distribution system. We are an LLP operating in a five- state area centered in Iowa, with 51 auto parts stores, three industrial coatings outlets, two stand-alone body shop distributors, three auto parts distribution centers, and 19 machine shops.. What we have is the true American Dream.

Spencer, IA

Grant Schenk, store manager in Spencer, Iowa explains the product benefits to frequent customer, Reid Beneke.

Kris McHugh and Amber Warren, partners of Arnold Motor Supply, LLP evaluate the annual marketing budget for the Company.

MIke Peterson and Chad Wolthuizen analyze SKUs making sure Arnolds has the right parts at the right time.

Duane Bates leads the safety department within Arnold Motor Supply, LLP ensuring a safe workplace environment.

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