Jefferson Center For Mental Health

About Jefferson Center For Mental Health

Jefferson Center for Mental Health is the not-for-profit community mental health center serving Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties since 1958. Our mission is to promote mental health and provide quality mental health services for persons with emotional problems and/or serious mental illness. We are partners with our community, working together to create a place that fosters mental health and supports those with mental health challenges.

Wheat Ridge, CO
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What employees say

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I have the freedom, flexibility, and support to do the work I love.

I am able to do what I love in a supportive environment. I feel like I am able to use my strengths, and am truly making a difference in people's lives.

Being surrounded by positive people who enjoy their work.

The work we do for the community.

I am happy, challenged, appreciated and part of a mission that is so important for the future of our community.

I believe in what we do in Navigation.

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