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Since our inception in 1970, UHM has established an outstanding reputation, based on professional conduct and uncompromising integrity. Since then, our customer-centric focus has helped us grow to over a billion dollars in transactions per year in 2013. Today, Union Home is a full-service mortgage banking company with corporate headquarters in Strongsville, Ohio. In addition, we maintain a comprehensive network of strategically located branch offices throughout the United States. We have local branch offices in Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We are also licensed in several other states.

Financial Services & Insurance
Strongsville, OH
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What employees say

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I feel supported.

I am highly compensated for what I do and my success is largely driven by my own efforts.

I get to help families better their financial position. I also love the partners I work with!

I work with an amazing group of individuals who care for each other well beyond just work and employment.

I have the freedom to design and implement the best possible solution for the company.

We're always analyzing everything we do to see how we can improve, even things we do well.

We are all treated as partners.

I am able to learn and grow, personally and professionally.

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