Say Yes to Education, Buffalo Chapter

About Say Yes to Education, Buffalo Chapter

The Say Yes Buffalo partnership is a landmark collaboration that brings together the Buffalo Public School District, the District Parent Coordinating Council, the Buffalo Teachers Federation, the Buffalo Association of Administrators and Supervisors, the City of Buffalo, Erie County, higher education and Say Yes to Education, Inc., with a diverse group of Buffalo area corporate, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations. Their mission is to increase high school and postsecondary completion rates by organizing people, time, money and resources to remove social, behavioral, health, financial and academic barriers to student achievement. Say Yes Buffalo partners believe every student can graduate high school and college when given the proper supports, resources, and opportunities.

New York, NY
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What employees say

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I am impressed by the level of commitment to students and their families. I also love the flexibility and balance between my home life and work responsibilities.

The leadership team is incredible and the benefits package is above this industry's range for this area.

The leadership at Say Yes Buffalo is the best I have seen and worked with. The passion and drive behind in the Executive Director is visible and it flows over into everyone else.

The most impressive thing about working for Say Yes is the way upper management truly support and appreciate their staff.