Independent Nursing Care LLC

About Independent Nursing Care LLC

Independent Nursing Care has three main divisions. Division #1: Home Care-providing in home health care services at the home health aide and nursing level. Division #2: Workplace wellness: offering CPR, AED, and first aid training at the workplace or our location. Juice Plus distribution-providing whole food nutrition education and supplements. Also offering health coaching programs for families, expectant moms, and prime timers. Division #3: Immunizations: we offer Adult and travel immunizations including all routine adult immunizations as well as immunizations required for traveling abroad.

West Falls, NY, NY
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I feel valued as well as an important part of a great team!

It is interesting and challenging.

The owners are kind, understanding, motivating, sincere, amazing people.

The people, plain and simple.

They care about their employees as well as their clients. They are educated and well-informed on all policies within and outside of company. They are honest and compassionate!