About ALKU

ALKU is a highly specialized consulting firm connecting companies across the nation with highly skilled contracted employees from three distinct divisions: ALKU Technologies, ALKU Quality and ALKU Government Solutions. At ALKU, we create a sense of community and build strong relationships with our candidates, clients, employees and prospective employees. Our message is consistent through all groups: We are a fun, motivated company that enjoys accomplishing great things. Motto: Have Fun Working Hard

Andover, MA
We're Hiring!

Summertime at the ALKU office can be HOT! From closing deals, to early release Fridays (getting their fun in the sun started early) the ALKrew loves summer!

Taking the phrase 'twinning' to a whole new level. The ALKU Quality group bonds over their black and white 'classic' attire!

the ALKrew sure knows how to have some old school fun. From laptop tosses to big wheels racing, ALKU company outings are always good for some friendly competition and a few laughs!

The famous 'ALKU stress balls' are a big hit around the office. Here Account Manager, Dan Lyons takes a hit, getting a sheet of stress balls poured over his head. Poor kid was just trying to make a call...