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Established in 2001, Big Nerd Ranch specializes in client app development and expert instruction from the brightest developers and designers in the industry. When you need an iOS, Android or desktop app to solve a problem, grow your business or engage your employees, partnering with us is a no-brainer. We provide end-to-end mobile solutions for a range of app development projects, including iOS, Android, full-stack web and design. Our developers and designers are also instructors, teaching immersive bootcamps that have improved the careers of thousands of developers. Big Nerd Ranch teaches retreat-style bootcamps in Georgia and California, as well as corporate courses held at client sites around the world. In addition, we write best-selling books that guide the mobile industry, setting the standard for mobile development and helping developers stay up to speed on the latest and greatest across a range of platforms.

Information Technology
Atlanta, GA
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Our new Big Nerd Ranch Guide for Front End Web Development recently was published!

Jordan is a web engineer at Big Nerd Ranch, she is also a supreme coffee nerd.

2016 Clash of the coders winning team

Recent bootcamp relaxing on the CA beach after an intense day of coding.

What employees say

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There is very little political posturing. We are all treated like adults.

The ability to consistently hire people who are kind, intelligent, and interesting.

I am encouraged to be creative and to try new avenues. I am given the freedom to improve upon existing policies and to build my role and make it my own while learning from my mistakes.

Opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most intelligent people in the industry.

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