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PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES is the only firm located in southeastern New Mexico with the unique capability to provide all facets of a civil design project in-house including planning, preparation of feasibility studies, funding applications, surveying, design and construction engineering, and construction management and inspection.

Hobbs, NM
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Pettigrew & Associates headquarters in Hobbs, NM.

Harroun Bridge in Eddy County. Pettigrew provided civil design, surveying, staking, construction management, geotechnical and materials testing.

Murray Elementary - Pettigrew provided civil design, surveying, special inspections, construction materials testing and geotechnical.

What employees say

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It is the best place, with a good environment and good companions to work with.

The atmosphere is one that requires productivity while embracing the needs of the employee at work and in their personal life.

I have a wide variety of responsibilities. We have a great culture.

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