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Since its beginning in 1936, Nusenda Credit Union has operated under a fundamental principle: do well, so that we can do good. With more than 167,000 member-owners and 18 branches , Nusenda Credit Union is the largest credit union in New Mexico. Our sound business practices and solid fiscal performance enable us to be a trusted financial resource for our members, so that they can take care of the things that matter most to them. One of the basic principles of our not-for-profit cooperative is to provide our members with education and training on financial matters. One of the ways we do this is by providing no-cost evening workshops in the places where our members live and work, on-demand and real-time webinars, a comprehensive resource library on our website, and much more. Additionally, we strive to improve the communities in which we serve, most notably through our Community Rewards program, as well as through the Nusenda Foundation.

Financial Services & Insurance
Albuquerque, NM
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What employees say

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The people and values of the organization.

We are always changing for the better.

My opinion counts.

That they are all approachable and friendly, and we are on a first name basis.

The atmosphere is always energetic, and we go above and beyond to service our members.

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