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About TBC Hotels

As part of the Bernstein Companies, TBC Hotels has a long history of building lasting and meaningful relationships with associates, guests, partners, and the community.
The Bernstein Companies is one of the oldest commercial real estate firms in Washington, D.C. and purchased its first hotel in 1982, thus entering into the hospitality industry. Over the past 35 years, TBC Hotels has owned, developed, and operated more than 20 hotels throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
The core values of TBC Hotels include not only strong, lasting RELATIONSHIPS, but also INTEGRITY, TRADITION, ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT, AND HOSPITALITY.
Having the confidence to do the right thing in every transaction, maintaining the values and identity imparted by The Bernstein Companies, capitalizing on opportunities, and being intentional about their actions are critical to who TBC Hotels is and how they operate.

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