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Expel allows our customers to do what they love about security, even if that's not thinking about it. We're busting the proprietary black-box approach that legacy Managed Service Security Providers (MSSPs) take. Customers describe existing providers as “you pour your money in, and nothing comes out.” Instead, we're transparent about what we do and how we do it. In our hold-your-cards-close-to-your-chest industry, that's radical.

We use the security products our customers already have and our analysts investigate alerts and monitor customers' environments. When we find a problem, we tell customers exactly what to do about it, and we get to the root cause so that these problems don't happen again.

Leaders want answers, not more alerts. Yet despite the record number of security tools available today, most security teams spend most of their time in the weeds sifting through alerts. Or worse -- businesses can't find (or afford) and retain the talent to get those answers they need.

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