People have questions about used cars. CARFAX provides trusted information that helps answer consumer questions so they can confidently shop, buy, own and sell used cars. We own the world's largest vehicle history database and use it to innovate new products and services that millions of people rely on every day. CARFAX invented the Vehicle History Report in 1986 and today offers a full suite of solutions used by consumers, dealers, service shops, lenders, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and more. In 2013, myCARFAX was created to help reduce the headache of servicing your car and now has tens of millions of registered users. We introduced CARFAX Used Car Listings in 2014 so that shoppers can use vehicle history to search millions of used cars for sale and get a free CARFAX Vehicle History with each one. Consumers can quickly find the cars they want and avoid the ones they don't. Our latest solution, CARFAX History-Based Value, gives a vehicle-specific price based on the car's unique history. No two cars are identical and with more accurate pricing using CARFAX information, people can pay the right price. To complete the shop/buy/own/sell cycle, we've just begun helping people sell their current car as they prepare to buy another one. There are even more exciting solutions on the way!

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