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Actualize Consulting is a professional financial services firm specializing in business process engineering and technology solutions for clients in financial, insurance, government, and fortune 1,000 companies. As a boutique consulting firm, we specialize in complex operations of financial data and transformation in the areas of Capital Markets, Collateral, Mortgage and Fixed Income, and Treasury Operations. Our commitment to mentorship, engagement, and client service creates an environment of innovation and inspiration. By applying our "people first" philosophy, which includes prioritizing work/life balance, team connection, and effective communication, we provide a thriving culture for our team and clients.

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Reston, VA
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To celebrate the launch of Kerry Wekelo's book Culture Infusion, Actualize Consulting bagged over180 lunches for local shelter, Cornerstones. Photo credit: Valerie Bey

Actualize Consulting has lots of wellness perks to include their annual weekend retreats. This year it the retreat will be held in Warrenton, VA.

Actualize Consulting believes in giving back to the community. Here they teamed up with The Doe Fund and bagged fresh fruits and vegetables for seniors.

Actualize adds fun with social events and team building activities like karaoke, ping pong, and art.