Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC

About Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC

Bast Hatfield is a 2nd generation full service general contracting & construction management firm. Founded in 1977, we are one of the largest contractors in the area & have constructed hundreds of commercial & retail facilities in the Northeast. Our project size ranges from a few thousand dollars up to $20 million plus, & our average yearly volume is $75-$85 million. We are experts in new construction & renovation work. Our clients include many of the area's schools, colleges, municipalities, big box stores, supermarkets, drug stores, industrial manufacturers, & developers. We are unique among our competitors in that we have a large on-board crew doing our own sitework, concrete, masonry, steel erection, drywall, STO & millwright. We are organized around the philosophy that there is no separation between labor & management. The “employees” of the company are cooperatively involved in doing what they do best & they are trying to do it better all the time. Our compensation system is performance based. Upward mobility is at the core of the philosophy. We provide upward mobility for our young people so as not to lock them into the restrictive ennui of a single trade category.

Regional Employees
Clifton Park, NY