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Demos Family of Restaurants is a family owned and operated independent restaurant group which currently operates two brands, Demos' Restaurants and Peter D's, in the Middle Tennessee region. The Demos name is synonmous with food with a heritage rich in the restaurant industry that spans 4 generations. The Middle Tennessee staple, Demos' Restaurants, was started by Jim and Doris Demos 27 years ago in Murfreesboro, TN and has now expanded to 4 other locations throughout the Middle Tennessee Region. Peter Demos and his sister, Felicia, purchased Demos' and Peter has been operating Demos' for 17 years. Peter and his wife, Kristin started a new concept called Peter D's 3 years ago, also in Murfreesboro, with plans to expand throughout the state of TN. Although, the brands differ in menu and atmosphere, the core of what has become expected from the Demos family are the same - excellent food and generous portions with superior service. Peter Demos is often noted for saying that we aren't here to sell food . . . we sell an experience with the focus always being on the customer.

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