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Bath Fitter is the leader in bathtub coverings, shower bases and acrylic wall systems in North America. Our products are custom molded to fit over existing accessories to allow for a clean, quick and installed bath remodeling in less than a day.
Our employee's professional growth is unlimited with opportunities to develop their skills, gain invaluable and applicable experience, and ultimately advance their career. Much of our talent is home grown, and we have remarkable employee tenure.
Founded in 1984, we have redesigned baths in hundreds of thousands of homes, apartment buildings, hotels and other multi-unit properties throughout North America. Our products include bathtubs, shower bases, wall systems, dome-shaped ceilings, doors, and a variety of accessories and colors.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Montreal manufacture our molds and high-quality acrylic products, which are shipped directly to more than 110 franchisees and 50 corporate branches. Direct involvement and constant communication with our retail network allows us to be on the edge of the latest trends with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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