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About Ashbusters Chimney Service

Ashbusters Chimney Service was started 33 years ago by Mark Stoner when he was 18 years old. Mark saw an ad that said make $55.00 an hour sweeping chimneys. In the early 80"s that was a lot of money. Mark bought the equipment and with no formal training began going door to door asking homeowners if he could sweep their chimneys. 33 years later, Mark is one of less than 100 master sweeps in the country, he is known throughout the US and the world in the industry. It's true we began as a chimney sweep company, however we have grown into one of the largest chimney companies in the country, and are more of a chimney construction company now than a sweep company. We are on a huge growth trajectory, and consistently hire employees and put them in our apprenticeship program where they learn our craft, and provide a great standard of living for their families.

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