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Gulf Coast Research Center (GCREC) is one of 13 agricultural research centers operated by the University of Florida. This center focuses on research of landscape management, strawberries, tomatoes, soil and water science. Disciplines include plant pathology, horticulture, soil and water science, entomology, breeding and genetics. GCREC also has a small teaching facility on the HCC campus in Plant City, which focuses on Landscape Management, Ag Education, Wildlife Ecology, Geomatics and Forestery Conservation. GCREC has 19 faculty members and each program has positions including biological scientists, ag assistants, and lab technicians. Our center has a complete maintenance and mechancial staff and farm crew. Most work is done outside on a 475-acre farm. GCREC leads the pack with the development of award-winning strawberries, tomatoes and caladiums.

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