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The Wood Brother Realty journey began in the 1940s. Since then, we've continued to serve the Greater St. Louis area.
Our values are strong and simple. We vow to treat employees and customers like family, while keeping our versatile edge. We're equipped with the proven tools needed to sell your home, as well as help you find your dream home.
We get the job done. And when we tell our clients that 'Wood Brothers has a better way' we mean it. As a result, we keep our family-centric values at the core of our business.
Our learning environment helps us bring fresh, individual and innovative ideas to the table. 'Learning and Leading' is the company's motto. And we do it with integrity, pride and enthusiasm. Everyone is met with a warm, friendly smile and 'can do' attitude. With our focus on detail, there's no stone left unturned.
We put our clients and employees first in all that we do. Our people include mentors, coaches, peers and partners and help each other succeed. Every decision made is with the Wood Brothers Realtors people and values in mind.
The powerful drive to maintain an appropriate attitude is what determines eventual success.
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