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Sunset Transportation isn't just another 3PL. We are driven by the right-size fit for each business, using all levels of global and domestic supply chain resources and services. Our culture allows customers to feel like family, while offering advanced TMS solutions, reporting, and shipment reliability. Our approach is simple: through analysis of historical shipping data, we identify opportunities for optimization, service improvement, and technology enhancements. All this is done with five promises we make to every customer, every day: savings, visibility, data-driven decisions, continuous improvement, and relationships. Sunset is the right size 3PL.

Regional Employees
Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
St Louis, MO
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Sunset STL team in Laredo, TX at the World Trade Bridge.

Sunset's Wilson, NC branch celebrating Mardi Gras!

Sunset STL prepping for Scouting for Food in November 2019.

Celebrating Spirit Week in STL.


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