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KnowledgeLake, Inc.The Intelligent Content Automation Company.
We provide content management solutions that help organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes.We got our start two decades ago when we set out to make the most-used document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, better at processing transactional content. We figured that business functions like Finance, HR, and Claims should be able to get content in and out of SharePoint just as easily as their colleagues from other departments. And, in 2003, we released the first document processing solution built on the SharePoint platform.
Today, we focus on helping our customers win at processing their transactional content in the cloud. That means removing longstanding constraints around data classification and capture, content searchability, and system integration, to name a few. The cloud has given us the capability to address these age-old challenges in a new way—not just for our 2 million licensed users on SharePoint but for organizations using any document management system or content repository. For more information, visit

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