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OJO Labs' mission is to empower people to make better decisions through the fusion of machine and human intelligence. We've operationalized a patented AI technology with rich web applications that conducts text conversations with consumers at scale, serving as a powerful digital assistant within the real estate industry.

We've partnered with the biggest names in real estate to bring our leading-edge AI technology and product to tens of thousands of agents across the United States and Canada, and serve countless consumers by guiding their home search and connecting them to an agent when they've indicated readiness to move forward.

To date, OJO Labs has raised more than $70 Million, enabling rapid market expansion across the U.S., and the ability to grow our operations and teams in Austin, TX, Minneapolis- St. Paul, MN and St. Lucia.

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OJO Labs New Office 1007 S Congress Building 9, Suite 400 Austin, TX 78704

OJO Labs 2019 Austin A-List Winner

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