Firehouse Animal Health Center

About Firehouse Animal Health Center

Firehouse Animal Health Center is a full-service veterinary hospital founded & based solely in the Greater Austin area. Dr. Jed Rogers & Dr. John Faught opened their first of 5 hospitals in 2012. We will open 5 more by 2022.

We combine state-of-the-art medical care with a deep passion for animals & a commitment to lifelong wellness.

Our team exceeds client expectations with every interaction:
-Everyone (front desk to vet techs to docs) builds trusting, communicative relationships with clients.
-Each pet's wellness plan is personalized annually, based on thoughtful collaboration with the pet's owner.
-5 internal core values keep our team members focused (build trust, exceed expectations, collaborate effectively, be compassionate, foster learning).
-Innovative hospital design creates an interactive & comfortable experience for clients AND an exceptional working environment for our team.
-Firehouse gives back to our Austin community via ongoing partnerships with pet nonprofits.

Regional Employees
Austin, TX
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We support our team in continuing their veterinary education: our doctors attend continuing education conferences and our hospital managers attend annual leadership and communication seminars. For our Vet Techs and Customer Service Representatives, we sponsor training that syncs with their personal needs and goals. Picture: Dr. John Faught, Firehouse Co-founder, with a veterinary technician. Photo Credit: Jennifer Simms Photography

We embrace an open-door policy and employ a hospital manager and medical director at each location to lead the team and foster good relationships Pictured: CJ Champ, Hospital Manager at Firehouse Westlake (left), & Dr. Stacy Mozisek, Medical Director, Firehouse Westlake (right) Photo Credit: Daniel Crotty Photography

We're like a family! At Firehouse, we truly care about each other personally and professionally. We are eager to help each other behind the scenes every day to create a collaborative, communicative environment. We have fun together each day and are keen on fostering relationships with twice-annual company events. We strive for work-life balance to keep morale high. We are intensely focused on communication, with clients and with each other. Photo Credit: Daniel Crotty Photography

We onboard new team members with the Firehouse culture during training so they know our style, our expectations, and how they'll receive feedback each quarter. Pictured: Dr. Stacy Mozisek, Medical Director at Firehouse Westlake. Photo Credit: Jennifer Simms Photography