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Decades ago, Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) started as a small group of independent physicians simply trying to do right by patients. We help you understand your options, and we guide you through your healthcare decisions. It's the original model in medicine, and it's how we still operate to this day.

Being an independent practice means we survive on our reputation. We have to deliver on our promises of outstanding service and exceptional care every single day, or risk losing our most important asset: the trust of our patients and their families.

By encouraging you to be educated, informed, and confident in your care, we've earned your trust, and it's why TCO has sustained long-term success.

We formed Revo Health (Revo) so we could use what we learned at TCO to help other practices across the country. Revo services are often referred to as “back of house,” including HR, Accounting, IT, Marketing, and more.

Revo takes care of the business side, so physicians can focus on taking care of patients.

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