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SEH is a full-service professional services employee-owned company whose purpose is Building a Better World for All of Us®. SEH provides civil, environmental, transportation, drinking water, wastewater, and structural engineering; funding acquisition; planning and landscape design; and providing architectural design; surveying, and technology and GIS services. “Building a Better World” embodies our commitment to an increased quality of life through safer roads, bridges, parks and trails; renewable energy and sustainable design; and cleaner air, drinking water, rivers, and lakes. “For all of us” means we design customized solutions for our clients including the residents and businesses in the communities we serve, employees in the companies we serve, and citizens of the world. We've stood the test of time; having been in business for 85 years. The types of clients we serve include governmental agencies (local, state, regional, and federal) along with industrial business (food and beverage, agricultural, mining, and commercial, industrial, and residential developers).

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