Relate Counseling Center

About Relate Counseling Center

Relate is the only nonprofit organization in the Minnetonka School District and surrounding area to offer both mental and chemical health prevention and early intervention services. Through the years, we have created strong bonds with the communities we serve which is demonstrated by 95% of our clients each year being self-referred or referred by families, friends, and local community agencies.
For nearly 50 years, our mission is simple: Caring professionals committed to helping change lives and building community. We live this mission every day by providing services that help prevent individual or family breakdown. These services are often provided at a free or reduced rate which ensures they are accessible to low-income individuals and families.
Relate's 55 clinicians are either licensed mental/chemical health professionals or they have advanced graduate training in mental health. Early intervention and prevention is the cornerstone of our services and it is critical since 3,575 (65%) of our 5,500 clients are children or youth. Despite our focus on youth/adolescents, Relate has the ability to work directly with family members of all ages.

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Minnetonka, MN