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Since 1923, Hammer Residences, Inc. has helped thousands of adults and children with developmental disabilities experience life to its fullest. We are a community of people who respect an individual's abilities, whose collective spirit makes dreams come true and whose innovations continue to lead the way. Operating 46 homes and apartment programs, we support 274 individuals in Hammer residences. We also support another 1200 people who do not live in one of our programs. We offer In-Home support services, creatively designed to meet the needs of the people with disabilities living with their families. Since 2007, Hammer has been an authorized case management provider for Hennepin County, helping families navigate the maze of social services while promoting consumer choice. In 2012, Hammer began a partnership with Medica to provide Care Coordination across all care settings and while in transitions. Hammer Travel was founded in 2009 to offer vacation planning and travel companions to individuals nationwide. The trips provide valuable opportunities for participants to gain self-confidence and experience independence.

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