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In 1919, Robert Cobb and Oscar Strecker decided to leave large construction agencies and start their own company to help better serve the unique needs of their construction clients. They expanded their services as other client-focused visionaries came on board —including Richard Dunphy, and Rodger Zimmermann — each bringing unique construction risk expertise.

Since that time, Cobb, Strecker, Dunphy, and Zimmermann (CSDZ) has grown to become one of the largest privately-owned brokerages in America. From the federal highway expansion efforts to the reshaping of our modern skylines, CSDZ has a proud history of guiding and protecting construction companies whose heavy lifting and risk-taking have transformed this great nation.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, CSDZ is a privately held and fiercely independent construction risk management company. In partnership with Holmes Murphy, we're proud to be one of the largest employee-owned and controlled brokers in the nation with offices in 10 states.

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CSDZ has adopted a highway - a stretch along Crosstown 62 near Minneapolis. A team is committed to cleaning up the area at least two times a year.

Exploring downtown Minneapolis while participating in CSDZ/Holmes Murphy's annual Poker Walk as part of our wellness program.

A group attending the SHRM Women's Conference, supporting our WOW initiatives - Women Optimizing Women.

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