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Rivo is a rapidly growing financial services company in beautiful downtown San Diego. At Rivo, you'll find we encourage collaboration across departments, allowing the fulfillment of our core values: respect, integrity, value, and opportunity. We recognize and appreciate that employees are more engaged when they feel supported and have a voice in the development of the operation. As such, the management team has an open-door policy and fully embraces the traits of Servant Leadership which includes: listening, empathy, stewardship, foresight, persuasion, conceptualization, awareness, healing, commitment to the growth and development of people and building community.

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Financial Services & Insurance
San Diego, CA
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A few members of our management team enjoying our annual day at the Del Mar Races, where employees celebrated in a private suite and cheered on their winning thoroughbreds.

Rivo spares no expense when it comes to our annual Holiday Celebration. An evening of luxury and all expenses paid event; centered around giving back to the employees for their amazing contributions throughout the year with incredible prizes, recognizing collective company milestones achieved and identifying both an employee and manager of the year among other awards!

We take Halloween very seriously here at Rivo and have a pretty competitive costume contest each year with multiple categories and wonderful prizes for the winners. As you can see, Halloween 2018 costumes made for a tight competition and we are looking forward to the creativity our team members will bring to the table for Halloween 2019!

This year, Rivo had three back-to-back, record-breaking months. For the most recent celebration of the 3rd milestone, we had food catered for the company. Team members enjoyed hamburgers from Hodads on the outdoor mezzanine.