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Our purpose is to help healthcare providers shift from fee-based to value-based (and patient-centered) care in the treatment of those recovering from hip, knee and joint surgery. To this end, we work to provide meaningful improvements at every point within the continuum of care: We offer patients the convenience and lower costs associated with recovering at home (or at an employer's facility) via our FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA™) platform. Based on advanced, Hollywood-grade virtual-reality and motion-capture technology, VERA also offers clinicians an opportunity to improve operational efficiencies by monitoring patient exercises at a level never before possible. This higher level of data and insight into patient recovery can help caregivers better coordinate and triage care while expanding their business via our compatibility with the CMS' bundled payments model. Finally, we offer payors the reduced costs that come with greater patient engagement and adherence, faster recovery times, and fewer rehospitalizations — a model that's been found to offer the advantage of cost savings, convenience, at-home monitoring, and coordination of care.

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