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Cali Bamboo is a San Diego based manufacturer of eco-friendly building products made primarily from bamboo. The company's mission is to promote the use of bamboo as a sustainable material for commercial and residential building. Due to its rapid growth rate and unique composition, bamboo is one of the world's most durable, sustainable and renewable materials. Cali Bamboo's wide range of bamboo offerings includes fencing, flooring, composite decking, plywood, cork wall tiles, bamboo poles and more.

Founded in 2004 by Jeff Goldberg & Tanner Haigwood, Cali Bamboo has fast become one of the shining examples of how individuals, businesses & communities can implement stylish architectural and interior designs without impacting the environment. The company strives to set the standard for sustainable businesses everywhere and promote bamboo & recycled materials as a means to improve the use of the limited resources on our planet.

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