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About HCR Home Care

HCR Home Care operates both certified and licensed home care agencies in 25 counties throughout Upstate New York, having grown into a regional home health care provider. HCR's steadfast mission is “Healthy People Fostering and Advancing the Health of People.” We practice a model of care which is customer-centered, rather than disease-centered. Our practice integrates state-of-the-science medical approaches with a nursing model of care, which includes the whole-person, family, and community.

HCR offers a complete range of community health services and clinical specialty programs including skilled nursing, physical, occupational, speech and language therapies, medical social work, registered dietician, and home health aides. HCR also employs highly-skilled clinicians to carry out our patient care, many of whom are certified in areas like Wound Ostomy Continence, Geriatrics, Neuro Developmental Treatment, Parkinson's disease, and cultural competence.

HCR Care Management, LLC, a subsidiary of HCR, offers a holistic care management services to address social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries, with a primary goal of reducing utilization of emergency department visits and hospitalization.

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