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Fasteners Direct sells on a "business-to-business" level and are proud of our hands-on experience and product knowledge of the fastener industry. Because we are in Webster, New York, we can ship to most of the East Coast with next day services. It's something our customers can look forward to.

Customers will find that dealing with Fasteners Direct is a unique experience; we do things that are out of the ordinary. We even go as far as customizing our customer's order – we will ship their order in pails instead of boxes, clearly label all parts so they are understandable for both our team and theirs. We will ship our customer's product in personalized packaging with their company logo on them. We will stop in on a regular basis to see our customers, and make sure everything is running smoothly, and strive to fix any discrepancies to improve their FD experience.
We want to make sure everything is there for the customer and assist them in any way we can – from our purchasing process to stocking the shelves, we have a team that is always there for our customers. Fasteners Direct strives to think for the customer by focusing on personal service, and attention to detail.

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