United by our compassion, we help our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycles of homelessness and addiction to reclaim their dignity. We provide long lasting solutions that bring stability to individuals and families and that strengthen our community.

Regional Employees
Richmond, VA
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Board of Directors and staff members during an event in December during which leaders and community partners announced plans for the CARITAS Center, opening in 2019. Learn more here:

CARITAS offers transitional employment to men and women in Richmond. Many of them have graduated from our CARITAS Works and The Healing Place programs. The quality of their work is monitored and reviewed by full-time CARITAS staff members who have experience leading businesses and complex logistics.

CARITAS helps families find a pathway from crisis to stability through jobs, recovery, housing and furniture.

Honor is a key value at CARITAS. It compels us to interact with and affirm all people with the highest degree of respect. We place immeasurable value on the unique gifts of each human being and the contribution that he or she can make in the world.