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Every Mascaro employee begins a project with a simple goal in mind: deliver a great experience. This experience extends to all stakeholders, external and internal. To measure our success in achieving this goal, we use five basic metrics: zero incidents; zero rework; on time delivery; at or below budget; and exceeding customer expectations. As a result of this team focus, we build relationships that extend beyond completion deadlines and create a positive impact on our communities. Whether you are a client, subcontractor, or employee, it is all about the experience; and at Mascaro, we deliver great ones.

Mascaro knows that people build projects and our focus is on providing strong cultural foundation for our people, referred to as The Mascaro Advantage. In addition to confirming the goal of delivering a great experience, it defines the behaviors that will allow us to achieve it: humble, hungry, and smart; provide a family atmosphere; do the right thing; and outwork the competition.

With all employees dedicated to the Mascaro Advantage, we firmly believe that when you build with Mascaro, you build with the best.

Regional Employees
Pittsburgh, PA

Riazzi Project

Children's Hospital Radiothon

Junior Achievement Biztown

UPMC Mercy Vision


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