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Established in 1978, Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) designs, manufactures and distributes rugged, waterproof environmental and sports performance instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications across three brands: Kestrel® Weather & Environmental Meters, NK Sports Performance for rowing and paddling, Blue Ocean® Rugged Audio. For more than 35 years, NK has been known worldwide for its waterproof speed measurement, timing and audio systems for competitive rowers. NK's Kestrel division has been researching, developing and manufacturing technically advanced portable weather instruments for more than 15 years and owns multiple patents on their unique features. In 2011, NK added Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones and portable PA systems. NK is an American company that is committed to understanding what our customer truly needs and values, and then designing and building the highest-quality solution.

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Computer based testing ensures all NK and Kestrel products perform accurately and reliably in the field.

Kestrel weather meters go everywhere - helping outdoor professionals, athletes and enthusiasts know the environmental conditions affecting their activities.

Monitoring potential heat stress during training helps keep first responders, military operators and athletes safe from harm.

NK has been building the world's leading amplification equipment and performance monitors for rowers and paddlers for over 40 years.

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